Holiday Minis 2019

This year I will be offering two location options. Please be sure to click the correct link before finalizing booking. The two locations offered are Candle Tree Farm, and "The Barn". Both are relatively local to me here in Canonsburg, pa. 

Rain dates: You must be available for all rain dates offered after your expected session. They are as follows, October 13th, 19th, 26th, November 2nd & 9th. For example, If you book October 6th, your 1st rain date is October the 13th and so on. Usually October is a nice and sunny month, let's cross our fingers and hope for that

Behavior: Kids will be kids! Please remember, I will do my best to ensure that I capture what I feel is necessary for a complete "mini" gallery. I will engage, play, be silly, or offer a minute for a child to take a breather and regroup if needed, but it is not my responsibility to correct poor behavior. The session booked is a max of 20 minutes, and as a courtesy I will not cut into the next clients time. No refunds will be given should someone not cooporate during your scheduled session. The best advice I can give is to show up in good spirits, and kids will usually follow your lead!

Galleries: Online viewing galleries will include 20-30 images for you to choose your 10 images from. These images will be "proofs" that will be finalized once you've made your final selections. Can you by additional images? Absolutely! All information will be included in your email once I send out the proofs. 


What is a "Holiday Mini" like with DLP?: Well, it's meant to be FUN! I aim to get a few family portraits together for the Christmas cards, kids with mom, kids with dad, siblings shots and then "play" or otherwise what I call lifestyle images where parents engage with the kids. Please review my work here online or hop on over to my facebook page to make sure my work is what you desire! I usually bring one or two props, and occasionally a quilt (should the weather permit) but I am more of a "natural" photographer who enjoys focusing solely on my clients and the beautiful scenery offered. 

Investment: The cost of each session is $265 (tax has been included in this total). You will receive 10 retouched images with print rights. A $100 non refundable retainer is due to reserve your slot at booking. The remainder $165 is billed 1 week prior to your session date. 

Wardrobe: Steer clear of busy prints! I always recommend cream, ivory, reds, navy and mustard for holiday minis. Those colors have been popular in the past, but don't feel obligated to stick to those either. I will say I would not wear green or evergreen especially if you book the tree farm! You might just blend right in ;) Heels can be tricky. If the ground is saturated, you very well may sink into the dirt. If you need help deciding, send me a message! I'm happy to help.  Please dress for the weather. This is a shorter session but if the weather is 80 degrees (which it very well could be!) you do not want to get over heated. I will not be rescheduling due to warmer temps. 



BOOKING NOW OPEN (Choose a session below, follow the link, select a date and time)

Candle Tree:



At "The Barn": (Booking full-No slots available)

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